Reasons Why Your Tax Return Get Delayed

Reasons Why Your Tax Return Get Delayed

Top Reasons Due to Your Tax Return Get Delayed

Those who are regular taxpayers are familiar with the term Tax refunds. Tax refunds are an amount of paycheck received by many American workers by the government. And when the Tax refund gets delayed, many of the Americans got frustrated. So, if you have to face any of this situation and searching for the answers, why do tax return gets delayed in Hayward, California? There can be many reasons for delays in tax refunds. Let’s have a look at various reasons for the tax refund delay.

Debt Repayment:

If you owe federal taxes but haven’t paid them, the IRS can use the refunds and apply them to that balance. The same applies to other debts, such as outstanding services, additional payments to federal agencies, government taxes, and over payments for unemployment benefits. However, if you have entered into a joint account with your partner and only one of you is responsible for these debts, you can get a portion of the refund. So, if you are facing any of this situation, you will need a competent tax advisory in Hayward, CA.

Mathematical error:

this fact itself is often an excellent reason to hire a tax consultant in Hayward, CA. If a mathematical error occurs, the refund can be discarded. This error is more natural to detect through electronic archiving, and it corrects the mistake, but phrases sent by mail often lead to a misunderstanding. However, this is not limited to incorrect calculations.

Identity theft:

If you haven’t applied for a long time or used the wrong Social Security number, the IRS may suspect you as identity theft. In this case, the refund will be suspended until the IRS can confirm your identity. If this happens, you will be sent a form to fill out. The sooner your reply and fill the form earlier, there is a high chance you get a tax refund in time.


The IRS may challenge your taxes or deductions. There may also be problems with health insurance, or you may have forgotten to give 1099 in your return. All these mentioned things can be the reason for your tax return delays. If you are dealing with an audit for the previous year and it has not been completed, it will also delay the refund, even if your 2019 tax returns are never subject to verification.

Unfilled tax filing:

IRS often keeps refunds if you delay paying taxes. So, if you have unfilled tax filing for 2018, IRS will withhold your tax refunds until you submit a tax filing for 2018.


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