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Where can you check the status of your tax refund, what is the fastest and secure way to get a tax refund, or when will you receive your Tax Refund. Questions like that arise in our mind after-tax Preparation. Don’t worry; Tax Magic helps you with that also. We have answers to all your questions that you may think about a quick, accurate, and secure tax refund from the tax office or Tax Preparation Services.

When you will receive your IRS tax refund?

How quickly you get your tax refund depends on how you submitted your application and whether you have completed it correctly.

If you have submitted a tax return in paper form, it may tax the Tax Office within six weeks of that date and will receive your documentation for issuing the tax return.

If you want to get your tax refund faster, please send your refund electronically through any Tax Preparation Service or Tax Consultancy Service. The IRS usually issues tax refunds to electronic filters within three weeks.

How to Check IRS Tax Refund Status in 4 Steps?

You can check your tax refund status in several ways. The best and secure way to track your tax refund is by using the Internal Revenue Service Tool named “Where is my refund?” on the website. 

Check Tax Refund Status

Step 1: Visit the website homepage

Step 2: Click on Check Refund Status

Step 3: Enter your Social Security Number

Step 4: Enter Filing Status

Step 5: Enter Refund Amount 

To check the status of your tax return via mobile, you’ll need to download the IRS2GO app to check the Return Status fast.

You can also check your tax refund status by calling the tax return line on (800) 829-1954. 

For this, you will need to provide your social security number, your application status, and the exact total dollar amount returned on your return.

What else can you do to get a tax refund quickly?

Remember to check your return before sending it. Errors may delay delivery or tax refund.

According to the IRS, the most common errors in tax settlements are incorrect social security numbers or not accepting them at all; incorrect calculation of tax due based on taxable income and marital status; entering data on the wrong lines of the form; and basic mathematical errors.

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