About Us

Our Company

Tax Magic Inc., provides a comprehensive range of Federal, State, Local and International Tax advisory and consulting services.

Since our incorporation in 2002, Tax Magic Inc., has become a leader in the tax services industry by providing outstanding value and client service through a range of innovative tax

advisory and consulting services. Our goal is to provide the feeling of a personal tax consultant alongside security, Confidence and protection. We combine industry expertise with

innovative technology to deliver excellence thereby continuing to firmly establish our growing presence and market share in the personal and business tax industry.

Our Team

Founder Muhammad Irfan is a nationally recognized name in the tax return preparation and accounting world.

Our team comprises of 30 SE. These dedicated professionals bring

the rich expertise they have gained from working in the area of tax, audit and accounting across

diverse industries. Our team is adept at handling both individual as well as business tax returns.

Our Tax professionals progress through a certification program thereby gaining an expert

advisor status.

Training for our team is year-round. Our team and the experience enable us to provide you with

a market-leading services in the area of taxes across all the relevant jurisdictions.

Our experts provide timely and reliable tax services thereby ensuring that your deadlines are

met by committing to strict compliance with a focus on long term client collaboration.